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Macbook Battery Problem – Success Story

Hey John! i just came back from the apple store and i feel very happy. they were very kind with me, i said all the things that you told me and they will give me a replacement battery. the technician didn’t say anything about a specific problem, he only said it was because of the battery but didn’t say WHY?? I still think it’s OS Update’s fault but anyway, once again, I feel very satisfied with apple service, no matter if you’re in the States or in Argentina (like me), that’s why i’ll keep on buying their notebooks and ipods as always. Well, leaving apple advertsing aside, thank you for your useful tips. I’ll keep you up to date with this.

> Hi Marco,
> I think there could still be something wrong with the battery.
> Can you borrow another battery to try?
> Did you see this article
> System Profile can be found in Finder => Applications => Utilities =>
> System Profiler.
> Once you have System Profiler open, find Power underneath Hardware.
> Click on that item and on the right side of the window, scroll down
> until you find the Battery Information heading.
> The three values we’re interested in are *Full charge capacity (mAh)*,
> *Cycle count*, and *Battery health*.
> I’m not sure if you can check System Profiler for the battery
> information if it’s running off the AC but try it.
> The only other thing I’ve heard about is that sometimes the contact pins
> inside the battery slot stop making a good connection. You might try to
> clean the contacts.
> But if there’s an Apple store or dealer near you I would take it by. Maybe
> you can get a replacement battery, especially if you say something like
> ‘I think this was one of the batteries that was recalled in April of
> 2007’.
> Hope this helps.
> Best,
> JohhH
> Marco wrote:
>> Hi John, i just read your article but still couldn’t find a solution.
>> In my case, i think the battery is ok. Everything started two days
>> ago, i was charging my battery and when it reached the 100%, i
>> unplugged the ac cord but it suddenly turned off…then i tried to
>> power on my macbook but it only could be working with the ac cord
>> connected. then, the X appeared till now, my MB doesn’t recognize its
>> own battery. I think the battery is ok, when i pushed the button it
>> shows all the green leds on. i have the mac os 10.4.11. Do you have
>> any idea? Thanks for your time.
>> Best regards,
>> Marco

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