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Classic Macbook Battery Problem

иконииконимека мебелMarcelo from Nicaragua wrote recently describing his battery problem. And with no Apple stores around I wasn’t sure what to tell him. Plus it turned out he had over 360 cycles on his battery. Nevertheless, I’m pretty confident that if he’d been able to take it to a Mac store he would have gotten […]

Battery update program (not quite) discontinued…

A reader, (thank you Robert) writes… Just a quick note to say thank you for your web site, and to remark that although Apple’s battery update program has now been officially discontinued, they are still willing to replace a failed battery on a MacBook that is less than two years old.

Macbook Battery Problem – Success Story

Hey John! i just came back from the apple store and i feel very happy. they were very kind with me, i said all the things that you told me and they will give me a replacement battery. the technician didn’t say anything about a specific problem, he only said it was because of the […]

Apple Macbook short battery life problems

Excellent post includes the math to check your battery life through System Profiler. From (BTW- Just to clarify, there are actually two recent battery problems. The 15-Inch Macbook Pro Battery Exchange program, (which ended in July of 2008) and The Macbook / Macbook Pro battery problem discussed at If you’ve noticed that your […]

MacBook Battery Problem Videos!

Is you battery bulging? How to be sure yours isn’t.

From the Apple Discussion Board

Lengthy thread at the Apple Discussion Board on the subject of sudden Macbook shutdown with as much as 75% battery seemingly remaining. ” I called Apple Care and they said that because my battery Cycle Count is 349, they can not replace my battery for free (they would if it was under 300, because they […]

More Feedback on Battery Update 1.3

Again, from the always excellent Accelerate Your Mac site. More Feedback on Battery Update 1.3 – (Reply to a post in Friday’s news on Battery Update 1.3 fixing a MBP’s problems running off battery) “Battery Update not so good… I have a Santa Rosa MacBook Pro, and the battery update has a bad side effect. […]